About MSR

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Frank A. Peluso, Developer and MSR Founder

Market Systems Research, Inc., New York

  • 1970-Present; Founder, CEO and Research Director
  • Developed MSR original Quantitative Selection Model,
  • Provided Ranking Results to varied institutional client base,
  • Strong Performance Relative to SP500 in 36 of 40 3-Yr Periods,
  • Author of successful MSR Bond Timing Letter 1983-1997,
  • Co-Founder, President of MSR Advisors, 1984 to 2000,
  • Co-Managed the MSR Market Oriented Equity portfolios for the Lexington Management Company and its subsequent owner, ING, from 1984 to 2000, and
  • Advisor to Market Oriented Domestic Equity portfolios for Strategy Asset Managers from 2000 to present.
  • Developed the MSR Quantitative Primary Wave System 2007
  • Author of Global Wave Analysis Report  2007 - Present
Princeton University: Princeton, NJ; AB Magna Cum Laude in Physics;
Princeton University: Putnam Graduate Fellowship in Mathematical Physics