World Indices

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Long Term Total Returns, substantial Capital Protection


Over the years, the stock market has generated Major Secular Bull Markets. Examples: 1914-1929, 1949-1964 and 1982-2000.

The Buy-Hold strategy became dominant and mostly unquestioned. Consequently, many investors and asset managers were forced to give up much of their profits during the lengthy intervening secular corrections.


The MSR Primary Wave System is designed to provide investors with a major alternative.


It is applied here to both EMERGING and DEVELOPED WORLD MARKETS from 1994 to through 2009. The investment signals are derived from a series of broad price wave components labeled A, B, C, D and E, mathematically measured in most US and Global financial markets.


The system protects capital when a broader price wave A or B is set to decline along with a shorter component. This permits substantially greater cumulative gains over time. Primary long trades also require a Resonance Principle which often leads to a high percentage of successful trades of extended duration.